.Global - Back to the roller coasters

Back to the roller coasters

It´s time to return to the roller coasters in Europa Park, where the world´s biggest annual event for cloud services and internet infrastructure takes place. World Hosting Days (www.WHD.global) has over many years become the place to meet industry colleagues, learn about each other’s business and make connections leading to valuable business deals.

WHD.global takes place March 25-31, and if you haven’t already registered for this event, you should consider to do so now.

Our company represent the registry side of the domain name industry, by operating the new domain extension .GLOBAL. The domain name industry will be well represented at WHD.global, where registries, registrars and registrar resellers meet to to plan activities and discuss industry topics. It is important for our industry to be well informed and connected to the cloud services and hosting industry, as they either promote or use our services. I can think of no better arena for this than joining WHD.global. The event is well organized by the professional team behind it, making sure there will be many ways for us to connect and get tangible outcomes from participating.

Will we see you there? If you want to meet us, then feel free to reach out to me here on Linkedin.

http://Go.Global today!

Also, make sure to watch this funny video explaining the importance of hosting to: well, you know who..https://youtu.be/Iy84ZdK29wI