.Global - The Domain Name industry creates winners in Las Vegas

The Domain Name industry creates winners in Las Vegas

Many go to Vegas to gamble. However, the city is also famous for hosting large conferences and exhibitions. One upcoming conference January 22-25 2017 is NamesCon. It´s a conference that gathers both the domain name industry and individuals from all over the world that makes a living of investing in and managing domain names. The domain industry have grown a lot the last 20 years, and is still growing fast. NamesCon is one of the best conference for the domain name industry where the general focus is commercial use of domain names.

A domain name is the most important factor of branding in the online world we live in. The value of a good memorable and relevant domain name can be anything from few hundred dollars to millions of dollars. By attending to NamesCon, you can learn about this relative new and interesting industry. Even industry veterans can learn much by joining some of the many sessions and focus groups.

We represent the registry side of the domain name industry, by managing the new domain extension .GLOBAL.

In order to help end users to invest in .GLOBAL domains, we have developed a portal with valuable keyword domain names that are either available at regular registration fee or available for a premium fee. All premium .GLOBAL domains hold a regular renewal fee. Please visit domains.global

Feel free to use the portal that is now out in beta ahead of NamesCon. We believe this portal will help you in finding valuable domain names that otherwise would be more difficult to discover. In order to use all features, you will need to create an account. We are adding more features to this portal towards the end of January when NamesCon starts, so stay tuned..