.Global - .GLOBAL Christmas Calendar 2016

.GLOBAL Christmas Calendar 2016

Santa is an incredible guy. He has to go global in only one day, delivering presents to the all the hopeful children that awaits him.

We at .GLOBAL wold like to spread some gifts and joy too, but unlike Santa, we will be giving away gifts every day from December 1 to December 25.

We will be giving away one valuable premium domain name every day up to December 24th, with a total value of more than USD $50,000!

In addition, all entries will be placed into a bonus draw for a $1000 Amazon Gift Card on December 25th. The more days you participate, the more entries you will have in the bonus draw.

The .GLOBAL Christmas Calendar is open to everyone! So spread the word and sign up to win!

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The lucky winners will be posted below daily.

DatePremium DomainWinner
December 1broadcast_globalPrakash
December 2outsource-globalNick Valentino
December 3coupons-globalAnith Gopal
December 4checkin_globalJoe Ensall
December 5cigars-globalXu Gao Yang
December 6conference-globalRaymond Hackney
December 7advisors-globalJohn Carson
December 8creditcards-globalBennie Sparkman
December 9dental-globalJohn Daly
December 10flying-globalMichal Ambroziak
December 11learning-globalFabien Dadoit
December 12bargains-globalSonja Ziegenberg
December 13meetings-globalIan Wilkinson
December 14photography-globalJulian Perry
December 15reveiws-globalGlenn Klinger
December 16yachts-globalDarren Gregory
December 17audit-globalDavid Wieland
December 18batteries-globalAchutram Joshi
December 19calling-globalScott Haven
December 20celebrities-globalBohdan Vovchuk
December 21carrentals-global黄丹丹
December 22coffee-globalDirk de Graaf
December 23comicbooks-globalCate Colgan
December 24consulting-globalDaryl Naidoo
$1000 Amazon Gift Card Bonus PrizeamazonDeclan Conaty