.Global - .GLOBAL - 2 years in business

.GLOBAL – 2 years in business

We are delighted to pass our two-year mark today. For two years, anyone anywhere in the world have been able to brand their online initiatives with domain names that end with .GLOBAL

It’s with pride and happiness that we managed to launch this new domain extension and make it grow into a good stable business. We compete with hundreds of alternative domain name extensions, but still managed to have a stable growth during these first two years since our launch 9 September 2014.

End users choose .GLOBAL to make their brands and initiatives show that they act on a global scale with either a global presence or with ambitions to grow across country borders. We believe the choice gives a strong and serious statement that strengthens the brands using .GLOBAL

Since we have a two year anniversary, many of our registrars are offering a short promotion that you could take advantage of. Check out our list of registrars and promotions here: https://go.global/search/

By being awarded the right to operate .GLOBAL, we have been trusted with a responsibility to run parts of the Internet infrastructure available to everyone in the world. This is a responsibility we take seriously. It´s a responsibility we are comfortable having, with the experience gained in participating in the Internet and domain name industry since the very beginning.

It was a choice early on to make .GLOBAL a clean and respectable namespace. We want the world to trust websites that end with .GLOBAL. It’s tempting to sell domain names for a very low price to get more end users and build awareness faster. Cheap domain names often result in much more abuse and contribute to less trust in the domain extension. We chose a higher price because we want to focus on having a clean and trusted name space. Our end users are mostly businesses and organisations, even if .GLOBAL have an appeal to certain consumer use. The price level of .GLOBAL is well within the range end users are willing to spend on their online branding, much proven by the stable growth of our new registrations worldwide and the fact that owners tend to keep the .GLOBAL domains registered.

Most registrars offer premium priced .GLOBAL domains in addition to regular registrations of our domain names. According to DNPric.es, we are listed as the number five among new domain extensions when it comes to total sales of premium domains. This shows the demand for valuable generic .GLOBAL domain names, where end users often are willing to pay a significant premium to capture selected audiences on a global scale using .GLOBAL premium keyword domain names. Only a few generic keyword domain names are held back and sold at premium prices. Most generic keyword domain names are available at the regular registration price. Here is a list of our premium domains sold so far: https://go.global/premiumnames/

We hope you see the value of choosing a domain extension that reflects how business and communication is practiced today, addressing a global audience. For your existing business, or for your next venture.