.Global - It’s a GLOBAL birthday!

It’s a GLOBAL birthday!

4 years have passed since .GLOBAL was introduced to the Internet community. .GLOBAL is a domain extension that shows a website owner’s intent to reach an audience regardless of their physical location.

Ever since the launch, .GLOBAL has seen a strong and steady growth rate. We have earned the trust of brands and other professionals by continuously working hard to maintain a clean namespace free of malicious registrations.  As a result, the actual usage and renewal-rates are high, which indicate that users both invest in and stick to their chosen .GLOBAL domain name.

Therefore, as we celebrate our 4th anniversary, we’d like to highlight some of the creative users that dare to dream big and bring their vision to life. We have created a short sequence of videos made by these end users, showing their investment and commitment to using .GLOBAL for their online branding.

To provide further insights into the .GLOBAL name space, we’ve gathered large amounts of data using www.RegistryOffice.global and compiled it into a more comprehensible overview in the info-graphic below. The results show that our efforts to make .GLOBAL stand out as a quality-focused option and a trustworthy choice for brands, organizations, professional users and other Global Citizens has been successful.

PDF version of the infographic can be found here.