.Global - Acceptable Use and Anti-Abuse Policy

Acceptable Use and Anti-Abuse Policy

Acceptable Use and Anti-Abuse Policy

Dot Global Domain Registry Limited (“.GLOBAL”) is committed to the stable and secure operation of the .GLOBAL top level domain. Abusive use of domain names creates security and stability issues for the Registry, Registrars and Registrants – as well as for users of the Internet in general. Accordingly, .GLOBAL requires that labels in .GLOBAL namespace adopt to this Acceptable Use and Anti-Abuse Policy (“AUP”).

.GLOBAL will address abusive AUP in its namespace consistent with this AUP. .GLOBAL provides an abuse point of contact through an e-mail address abuse@nic.global. This e-mail address will allow multiple staff members to monitor and address abuse reports. .GLOBAL also provides a web form on our website: https://go.global.

.GLOBAL reserves the right, at its sole discretion and at any time and without limitation, to deny, suspend, cancel, redirect, or transfer any registration or transaction, or place any domain name(s) on registry lock, hold, or similar status as it determines necessary for any of the following reasons:

Abusive use of a domain is described as an illegal, disruptive, malicious, or fraudulent action and includes, without limitation, the following:

Should .GLOBAL in our sole discretion determine that you have failed to comply with any provision of this Acceptable Use Policy, you acknowledge that we may at any time:

Any action that we may make in relation to this Acceptable Use Policy:

We are not required to give reasons for action taken as per above, but may do so from time to time where we deem it appropriate at our absolute discretion.

Published 2017-09-12 Version 2.0