Register your .GLOBAL Domain Name

GLOBAL makes a definitive positioning statement signaling your International business operations – a strong and important message for organizations of all sizes who transact, or aim to transact, on a global platform.

.GLOBAL is for business, whether large or small, it matters only that an organization sees value in identifying themselves as operating on a global scale and wish to command a global presence.

The unifying domain extension for multinational organizations operating with a multitude of generic and geographic domains in their portfolio.


.GLOBAL is descriptive
Registering your domains under the .GLOBAL top-level domain makes every part of your online identity count. The word global means something universal, worldwide, all-inclusive, non-discriminating and limitless.

.GLOBAL is forward-thinking
A modern and great way for you to express the global nature of your idea, organization, company or movement.

.GLOBAL for international
Global is a well-known word in many languages which gives it universal recognition. .GLOBAL also supports many local languages and characters (IDNs).

.GLOBAL is well-suited for generic names and communities
and offers a great opportunity to reach an international audience. Examples:,,, and


Don’t let your message and audience get limited – think wider, be borderless and go global. Take the chance to claim your global presence and get your .GLOBAL domain name NOW!