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Prepared for the upcoming ICANN Audit?

Abusive domain name registrations is a concern for the domain name industry as a whole. Malicious activity in a zone can not only damage the reputation of the targeted top-level domain, resulting in lost revenue and end user trust, but it also risks causing severe financial harm to the people or businesses that become victims of it. RegistryOffice Abuse Monitor is an ICANN-compliant abuse monitoring service and provides a cost-effective and efficient way to monitor and manage cases of abuse.

The way we act on Security Threats

This article describes the way .GLOBAL act on the framework as published on Oct 20 2017 by ICANN. The objective of this framework is to deliver on the New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) of the ICANN Board's commitment to the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) regarding ICANN soliciting community participation to develop a framework for how a Registry Operator (RO) may respond to identified security threats.

3 years old – We can walk and talk!

It´s been 3 years since we introduced the new domain extension .GLOBAL to the Internet community, letting anyone in the world build a presence online intended for a global audience.

triplec.global – Code, Compose, Collaborate

Code, Compose, Collaborate (the Parsons Digital Trust Project) is an onsite/online learning environment where youth from different cultures—with varying access to technology—can interact, create, collaborate and share using the neutral and safe mediums of sound and computation. This project is the brainchild of the Mighty Spicy Collective, creative technologists from Parsons Design+Technology programs in New […]

Making it easy to GO.GLOBAL

We have just launched a major refresh to our website https://go.global/ and we hope that you will enjoy the result. As a registry for the new domain extension .GLOBAL, we are required  to provide certain information to registrants and registrars on our website. We have now chosen to expand the amount of information that we […]

A 10 day chance to be #1

GLOBAL holds a 10 day first come first serve promotion of 1-letter and 1-number domains The price of these short powerful domain names is expected to rise significantly with the increased awareness around new domain extensions. We would like to see some of these domains in use even now at the early stage, and have […]

Domain Name Drama

This past week has been flooded with reactions to Uniregistry´s hefty price increase on some of their domain extensions. Many industry people are commenting with anger, frustration and even predictions on what this may lead to for the domain industry as a whole. I think the frustration and criticism is partially justified. I believe that […]