News from .GLOBAL Domain Registry

Domain Name Drama

This past week has been flooded with reactions to Uniregistry´s hefty price increase on some of their domain extensions. Many industry people are commenting with anger, frustration and even predictions on what this may lead to for the domain industry as a whole.

I think the frustration and criticism is partially justified.

Back to the roller coasters

It´s time to return to the roller coasters in Europa Park, where the world´s biggest annual event for cloud services and internet infrastructure takes place. World Hosting Days ( has over many years become the place to meet industry colleagues, learn about each other’s business and make connections leading to valuable business deals.

Status for .GLOBAL after two years

As the registry for the new domain extension .GLOBAL, we have focused on quality and usage in the namespace rather than quantity since our launch 9 September 2014. This strategy has led to a continued stable growth of registrations and a financially healthy registry. Here are some statistics after two years: Registered domain names: 27,000 Average domains… read more