.Global - A 10 day chance to be #1

A 10 day chance to be #1

GLOBAL holds a 10 day first come first serve promotion of 1-letter and 1-number domains

The price of these short powerful domain names is expected to rise significantly with the increased awareness around new domain extensions. We would like to see some of these domains in use even now at the early stage, and have decided to give a 10 day only fixed price offer. These are domains we normally don’t offer at a fixed price.

All of the 1-letter and 1-number domains hold the price of 65,000 USD each, which we regard as a significant discount and opportunity during the 10 days offer. The procedure to secure one of these domains is available on http://1.global.

Domains must be registered between 15:00 UTC Monday May 22th, 2017 and 15:00 UTC Thursday, June 1st, 2017

Go Global!