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Overview of your .GLOBAL options at DomComp

So you decided to go global, then what? Which registrars can you choose from and what is the difference in prices and services? Buying domain names should be easy, and just like any other industry, comparison services and reviews can help customers make informed decisions rather than simply staying a course because they don’t have […]

How to use the new geographical domain names

Brand owners and organisations that either already have a global customer base or that intends to eventually expand beyond the local community, are well-advised to make sure that this is also reflected in their online brand profile, i.e. in their domain name portfolio.  Historically, geographical domains have been limited to country domains, such as .de, […]

The Way We act on Suspicious behavior connected to .global labels

In accordance with .global Registry Agreement, Specification 11.3B; the Registry Operator will monitor as to whether domains in the TLD are being used to perpetrate security threats, such as pharming, phishing, malware, and botnets, and if so, take appropriate action.
This blogpost describe how we handle suspicious behavior of a .global label

How to Move Website to a New Domain Without Losing SEO Value

Changing your website’s domain name does not affect your SEO value – if you do it correctly. In fact, depending on the domain name you choose, you may find that you get additional benefits in other areas, such as better positioning in Google Adwords and reduced online campaign costs. So how do you do it? […]

What in the world is happening and how do I approach the unknown?

With the recent introduction of several hundred new TLDs, such as .global, .archi and .nyc, the Internet namespace has expanded significally beyond the traditional .com TLD. This is about the extent of the knowledge that most people outside of the immediate domain name industry have today, which is quite natural, considering that almost all information and the majority of the discussions on the subject have circulated within the domain name industry itself. So far, at least.