Hempworks is a digital retailer of CBD products.


Josh and Jenna Zwagil created HempWorx CBD, a brand that operates under My Daily Choice as an affiliate business model. Affiliates advertise and represent the company both on and offline while the company fulfills the orders from a central location. Many brick and mortar companies stock the products on their store shelves as well.
A unique business model that really adds a personal level of customer service to the consumer experience. Many preferred customers end up becoming affiliates due to their love of these premium CBD products.
Hemp grown in Kentucky is considered to be of the finest quality one can find in the United States. Many are convinced better CBD-rich strains come from the natural soil content and climate as compared to those found in California and Colorado.
A .Global domain name is a fitting choice for retailer selling a trendy product like CBD - that is growing in appeal on a global level. HempWorx ships to the entire United States, UK, most of Europe, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa and will add more countries as they are approved for CBD sales.
Find your own .GLOBAL domain name at www.go.global! 
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Monday, January 13, 2020