.Global - Common Questions

Common Questions


I am an ICANN-accredited registrar, do I need to get certification from .GLOBAL?
Yes. All registrars who wish to transact with the .GLOBAL registry will need to sign a Registry-Registrar Agreement for .GLOBAL, successfully complete Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) certification, and meet .GLOBAL’s legal, business and financial requirements.
Are there specific registrar requirements to become a .GLOBAL registrar?
Yes. All registrars who wish to register .GLOBAL domains must have signed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
When is the .GLOBAL Sunrise, Landrush and General Availability?
.GLOBAL has completed Sunrise and Landrush and has been in General Availability since 9 September 2014.
The claims period for .GLOBAL ended on March 2, 2015.
Where can I find your Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA)?
You can review the .GLOBAL Registry-Registrar Agreement (RRA) under Registrars/Onboarding/RRA Agreement.
I am ready to sign! How do I execute the RAA?
.GLOBAL uses Adobe Echosign to manage the signing of RRAs. When you are ready to sign, please let us know and we will send you the RRA through Echosign for your signature. If you would prefer to sign a pdf version or electronic signatures are not valid in your jurisdiction, please let us know and we can send you the agreement for signature in this format.
What OT&E tests are required?
The OT&E criteria is set by Afilias. More information about the OT&E test required can be found here.
What is the modular extension for nTLDs test?
The modular extension for nTLDs test is an abridged test to demonstrate that Registrars can properly implement the tags for various Sunrise /Claims scenarios.
How do you determine my credit limit?
Credit limits are defined by your expected number of registrations per month. If you do not know what this is, we will apply the default credit limit to your account.
What are your bank details for depositing funds?
Deposits should be made to:
- IBAN [ACCOUNT]: IE25 BOFI 901394 72923001
- Account Name: Dot Global Domain Registry Ltd
- Bank Account (BBAN): 72923001
- Bank Name: Bank of Ireland
- Bank Address: Bank of Ireland, Colville House, 24/26 Talbot St., Dublin 1, Ireland
Please use your Afilias or IANA ID as the reference information.

Domain Name Policy

Who can register a .global domain name?
A .global label is eligible for registration by all.
Where can I register a .global domain name?
According to requirements set by ICANN, only ICANN accredited Registrars or their Resellers can register a .global domain name. A list of ICANN accredited Registrars can be found here.
What is the price for a .global domain name?
The retail price is set by the Registrar or Reseller. Typically a .global domain name can be priced between US$50 – US$100 per year, depending on the Registrar.
For how long can I register a .global domain name?
The minimum registration term is 1 year and the maximum registration term is 10 years.
What is the renewal fee for a .global domain name?
Like the registration fee, the renewal fee is set by the Registrar or Reseller. Typically a .global renewal fee is priced between US$50 – US$100 per year, depending on the Registrar.
Do you support proxy and/or privacy registrations?
Private/proxy registrations are allowed for .global domain names.
Have you released the domain names that were blocked due to name collision?
Yes. 53,000 domain names were released on the Dec 2, 2014. .GLOBAL offered names that had a matching name in the Trademark Clearinghouse in an Exclusive Registration Period between January 16, 2015 – February 15, 2015.

Premium Domain Names

What is the fee applicable for registration of Premium names
The fee will vary depending on the Premium name.
What is the fee applicable for renewal of Premium names?
.GLOBAL does not charge a premium renewal fee for premium names. The initial registration fee is a once off fee. The renewal fee will be the same as a standard renewal.
Where can I find a list of Premium Names?
A list of premium names can be found here.
How do you offer Premium Names?
Premium names can currently be purchased from the following:
- Using the EPP Enhanced feature (aka “handshake”)
- Directly through the Registry
- Through the Afternic network
- Through other partners
In the premium name list there is a field “Agents” which lists who is selling the name. If this field is blank, please contact the Registry at registry@nic.global.
How are Premium domain names transferred to Registrars?
.GLOBAL will provide the Registrant with the Authorisation code (“Auth Code”) who will then provide this to their preferred Registrar. Once .GLOBAL receives the transfer request we will approve the transfer. The domain name will thereafter be transferred to the selected Registrar.
The new sponsoring Registrar will be invoiced for the transfer fee. The transfer fee for a premium domain name is the same as a regular .global label.
If the premium domain name is on the Claims list i.e. the domain name is listed in the TMCH database and subject to claim notice, then we must follow the restricted Claim Process in order to transfer the process to the Registrar. Details about the RCP process can be found here.
Do you support Premium Names through EPP?
From the May 5th, 2015, we will start to offer Premium names using EPP Enhanced (aka “handshake). Registrars can check the wholesale price using Afilias Web Admin Tool (WAT).
If you would like more information, please contact Afilias Technical Support.
I am part of the Afternic network, how can we offer .global names?
If you are already integrated with Afternic, you can turn on the .global feed and start to offer .global premium names. At this stage, we do not support fast transfer through Afternic. If you are have any questions, please contact your Afternic Account Manager or the Registry at registry@nic.global.


We are already accredited with Afilias. Why do we need to do an OT&E?
The DNSSEC, IPv6 and other requirements made by ICANN for the new gTLD’s may require a small OT&E. For OT&E documentation see here.
What second level IDN languages do .global support?
.GLOBAL supports the following IDNs at the second level.
- German language
- Danish language
- Polish language
- Swedish language
- Spanish language
- Arabic language
- Belarusian language
- Bosnian language
- Bulgarian language
- Chinese (Simplified) language
- Chinese (Traditional) language
- Hindi language
- Hungarian language
- Icelandic language
- Korean language
- Latvian language
- Lithuanian language
- Macedonian language
- Montenegrin language
- Russian language
- Serbian language
- Ukrainian language
- French language
- Italian language
- Portuguese language
- Finnish language
The relevant IDN tables are located in the Technical Section and by contacting Afilias Technical Support.Please note that there is a difference in Language Tags for the following scripts in IANA Repository to what is to be used in the .GLOBAL registry:
Montenegrian: The tables uploaded to the IANA repository use “sr-ME” as language tag, but this must be altered to “ME” for .global.
This is caused by the LGR definitions of Language Tags as set in RFC7940. The difference in Language Tags is not a problem so long as the code point and other material data associated is accurate.
Does .GLOBAL support UTF8 in contacts?
Yes. The .GLOBAL SRS support UTF8 for contact objects. Registrars will have two options when specifying contact postal info, either type=”loc” or type=”int” (internationalized). Internationalized will only accepts ASCII characters whereas the localized type will accept both UTF8 and ASCII. If the registrar attempts to submit UTF8 characters while specifying type=”int” then the registry will throw an error.
Please note that only one address type (either “loc” or “int”) is permitted per contact.
What is the .GLOBAL domain life-cycle?
This figure shows the life-cycle of a .global label:
At the end of the registration period, does .GLOBAL enter an auto-renew period?
Yes. Auto-renewal is set as default by the Registry. If a domain name is not to be renewed, the Registrar must explicitly delete the label.
When .GLOBAL enters the auto-renew period, will an explicit renew during this period be in addition to the auto-renew (as in, would the .GLOBAL domain name be renewed twice?)
At the date/time of expiry, there is a scheduler that will auto-renew for label for one additional year. The registrar will be charged for the renewal, and then they have 45 days to delete and to get a refund. This is the auto-renew grace period.
If there is an explicit auto renew during the auto renew grace period, then it will renew for another year.
Also, if you transfer the name during the auto-renew grace period, it will also add another year.


How do I pay my invoices?
You can wire transfer funds to our bank account:
IBAN [ACCOUNT]: IE25 BOFI 901394 72923001
Account Name: Dot Global Domain Registry Ltd
Bank Account (BBAN): 72923001
Bank Name: Bank of Ireland
Bank Address: Bank of Ireland, Colville House, 24/26 Talbot St., Dublin 1, Ireland
Alternatively we offer a credit card payment option for small payments. Please contact us for more information
How will I receive my invoices?
You can access your invoices from the Afilias SFTP server.
If you do not have credentials to access the server, please request access through Afilias technical support at techsupport@afilias-srs.net.
As an additional service, if you have a non zero invoice we will email you a copy of your invoice to your billing contact in Web Admin Tool (unless otherwise specified) at the beginning of each month.
I have not received an email with my .global invoice
There may be several reasons why you have not received you invoice by email.
- Invoices are not issued until after the 7th of each month, and it may take a couple of days for them to be then emailed.
- Please check the email address of the billing contact in Web Admin Tool. If this is not the email you wish to receive your invoices to, please contact us at billing@nic.global.
- If your invoice is US$0, we will not send out an invoice. Please contact us at billing@nic.global if you have any questions.
My invoice and the daily balance is not the same?
The daily balance email notification is updated for the previous day, whereas the invoice is for the previous month. If you have registered .global domain names after the end of the month, then the balance in the daily email will be difference from the balance on your invoice.
Can I over pay my invoice?
Yes, of course. We have several registrars who do this, to reduce wire transfer fees. Any additional payments will show in the Afilias Web Admin Tool (WAT) and Statement as a credit to your balance.
Why do I receive 3 billing files?
The Invoice summarises the transactions from the previous month, and the data in the Text file provides you with all the transaction details. The Statement shows the exact amount owing, including any payments, credits or debits from the previous months.