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Restricted Claims Period

Restricted Claims Period (RCP)

Why do we need to use RCP?
The RPM requirements state that if a label has been withheld from registration and is then released/eligible for registration, the label MUST be subject for a Claims Service for a period of 90 days.

As we have a large number of names (over 5000) which are being moved from our reserved name space into EPP Premium or into GA, the only way we can implement this and comply with the above requirements is to put the names in RCP first.
What is RCP?
RCP is an Afilias restricted launch phase that allows Claims notification to be made on labels in the TMCH.
RCP and Fee Extension Testing
Testing functionality is available in the Afilias’ Shared OT&E environment at ote1.afilias-srs.net:700 and on the Afilias Shared OT&E WAT at https://ote1.afilias-srs.net/login.
Where can I find detailed documentation?
Documentation can be found here