.Global - The .GLOBAL Domain Registry Namespace

The .GLOBAL Domain Registry Namespace

Highly Valuable Non-premium names

This list contains highly valuable keyword .GLOBAL domains available at regular registration price

 Premium Names release – 1 May 2018

This spreadsheet contains lists related to the release on May 1, 2018 of additional .GLOBAL Premium Names available through EPP provisioning with tiers . Registrars must use the Fee extension via the “Handshake” process in order to register EPP Premium names.

List descriptions:

Premium Name list

This list contains all .GLOBAL Premium names, EPP Premium names and Registry Reserved “Ask Price” premium names.

ICANN Reserved Labels

With reference to the Registry Agreement, Specification 5, Schedule of Reserved Names

    4. IOC, Red Cross, and IGO reserved names (please note this will be updated by 1 August 2018 in accordance with the consensus policy)