Technical documentation connected to Afilias SRS

Premium and Reserved namespace reports

Daily reports of Premium and Reserved domain names are available for download using the Afilias Reports Library at: s

Afilias Premium Name Enhancement

The Afilias Premium Name Enhancement – aka “handshake”, enables an easy and secure way for the Registrars to provision the .GLOBAL Premium Namespace.

Afilias IDN Manual

In September of 2011, ICANN released IDN Implementation Guidelines. The ICANN guidelines require that a registry operator develops its IDN solution to be compliant with RFCs 5890, 5891, 5892, 5893 and 5895.

In addition, it is required that the launch of the solution be tailored to each language or set of languages based on work with local stakeholders and experts. These guidelines also require a registry operator’s IDN solution to utilize the adopted A-Label & Punycode standard for registration.

This documentation covers how to provision IDN languages/script supported by .GLOBAL.

Registrar Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for TLDs using Afilias Technology.

This FAQ addresses questions registrars may have about TLDs that are supported by Afilias technology, but that are not “managed” by Afilias (i.e. Afilias is not the ICANN Designated Registry Operator).

Registrar Concurrent Connection Handling Policy

Afilias is focused on provisioning a secure, stable and resilient registry system for its registry operator and registrar customers. One of the mechanisms used to ensure stability is by providing controlled, fair access to Afilias supported registries at all times, using mechanisms which ensure that each registrar is assigned a regulated number of concurrent sessions and bandwidth into the registry system.

Registrar Ramp Up Process

This document outlines the Afilias Registrar Ramp-Up process for registrars. Becoming accredited allows registrars to get domains at the base cost directly from the Registry and participate in promotional programs. Afilias provides support to accredited registrars to ensure effective and ongoing partnerships.

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP)

This document describes the basic operations that a Registrar’s client application must perform to be accepted by the Registry. Each of the following sections describes the actions that the client must perform to demonstrate correct implementation of the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) v1.0 and interactions with the Registry.

Sunrise, Landrush and Other TMCH Launch Phase Extension Guide for Registrars

This document provides details regarding how Afilias’ registry systems will interact with the Trade Mark Clearing House (TMCH) based on the TMCH specification version 07 and Launch extension draft version 11.

Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) v1.0 Abridged Registrar Acceptance Criteria

This document describes the basic operations that a Registrar’s client application must perform to be accepted by the Registry.

Registrar Tool Kit