.Global - Q & A for .global EPP Premium domain name

Q & A for .global EPP Premium domain name

Premium Names Using EPP Enhanced (handshake)

Do you support the EPP Premium Name feature from Afilias?
We have supported the registering of .global premium names through EPP since 2 June 2015.
How many premium names are available for registration?
There are over 5000 .GLOBAL premium names available for registration through EPP.
How are these names priced?
Premium names are priced into 5 tiers. The minimum tier starts at USD$300 to a maximum tier of USD$4,000.

Super valued premium names will be provisioned directly by the Registry and can be viewed on the Registry website [http://go.global/names-space.php]. These labels are NOT eligible for registration using the EPP Premium name feature.
What is the renewal fee for EPP Premium Names?
The renewal fee for all premium names is the standard .global renewal fee.
Where can I find a list of available premium names?
The premium name list can be found on our website at http://go.global/names-space.php.

In addition, registrars can download the .GLOBAL premium namespace from the Afilias SFTP server. This list is updated daily. Details and examples can be found on the Afilias Documentation page.
What do Registrars need to do in order to support EPP Premium Names for .GLOBAL?
Registrars may purchase premium names via a new “Handshake” process introduced by Afilias. For .GLOBAL Premium Names, Domain Create, Domain Renew and Domain Transfer commands MUST INCLUDE THE TRANSACTION FEE or the command will be rejected. The premium name transaction fee will be available via a Domain Check command. If a Create/Renew/Transfer command on a premium name is rejected, the registrar must check the price via Domain Check to confirm the transaction price prior to the purchase being accepted.

This enhancement is available in the Afilias’ Shared OT&E environment at ote1.afilias-srs.net:700 and on the Afilias Shared OT&E WAT at https://ote1.afilias-srs.net/login.

Registrars who wish to sell .GLOBAL premium names will need to make changes to their EPP clients. Sample EPP command and responses can be found here.

Technical support and or questions should be addressed directly to Afilias Technical Support (techsupport@afilias-srs.net)
What if a Registrar does not wish to support EPP Premium names?
The EPP Premium name feature is enabled on the server side. For those registrars who do not wish to sell premium names, they will not be required to make any EPP client related changes (AND create/renew/transfer commands from those registrars for premium names will be rejected).
Will you accept registrations through the Web Admin Tool (WAT)?
As the enhancements are mainly a safeguards from accidental registrations via automation in EPP, they would not be required in the web admin tool as this would be manual.

Registrars will be able to register premium domains via the web admin tool still. Clicking the domain check button will yield all the pricing for premium names.
Will the registration, renewal and transfer price be returned via EPP?
Will the auto-renew flag the premium domains? If so, what action are we required to take? If this is not actioned quickly enough, will the renewal fail? or will it flag and auto-renew anyway?
The auto-renew flag is ON. The renewal fee is the same as a regular .global label. The only difference between EPP Enhanced labels (aka EPP Premium names) is the initial price for the label. Renewal and transfer fees are the same as a regular .global label.

As a Registrar, your only action is to send the “delete” command if the registrant does not want to renew the label. If so, the deleted label will be placed back in to the EPP Premium name pool.
Are we required to send a special command to renew premium domains?
How will Registrars be invoiced for premium name registrations?
As per a standard registration, the price of a premium domain name will be immediately deducted from your pre-payment or credit amount.