IDN supported languages and scripts for .Global


The Registry offer IDN labels in compliance with RFCs 5890, 5891, 5892, 5893 and their successors as referred to in the ICANN IDN Guidelines located at ICANN website.  The ICANN IDN Guidelines may be amended, modified, or superseded from time to time.

Initially .GLOBAL supported the following languages:

  • German (DE)
  • Swedish (SV)
  • Polish (PL)
  • Spanish (ES)

Effective from 4 November 2015, the following languages/script are added;

  • Arabic language
  • Belarusian language
  • Bosnian language
  • Bulgarian language
  • Chinese (Simplified) language
  • Chinese (Traditional) language
  • Danish language
  • Hindi language
  • Hungarian language
  • Icelandic language
  • Korean language
  • Latvian language
  • Lithuanian language
  • Macedonian language
  • Montenegrin language
  • Russian language
  • Serbian language
  • Ukrainian language

Effective from May 31 2016:

  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

Effective from February 8 2017:

  • Finnish

Complete set of languages and scripts can be downloaded here (zipped).

Please note that there is a difference in Language Tags for the following scripts in IANA Repository to what is to be used in the .GLOBAL registry:
Montenegrian: The tables uploaded to the IANA repository use “sr-ME” as language tag, but this must be altered to “ME” for .global.
This is caused by the LGR definitions of Language Tags as set in RFC7940. The difference in Language Tags is not a problem so long as the code point and other material data associated is accurate.

IDN Policy

Please see the updated IDN policy