.Global - Registry Lock for Registrants

Registry Lock for Registrants


Registry Lock “locks” your domain’s registration details which prevents unauthorised changes and hence, protects your domain from domain hijacking.


How does Registry Lock work?

Registry Lock protects second level .global domain names from unauthorised transfer, updates and deletion. Domain name registration details are locked at the Registry level, and changes are only permitted through a strict authentication process between your Registrar authorised contact and the Registry.

How can I check if my domain is locked at the Registry level?

When a .global label is authorised for Registry Lock, the domain name will be updated with the following statuses that are visible in WHOIS:

In addition, the sponsoring Registrar may add

Registrars supporting .GLOBAL Registry Lock

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get .GLOBAL Registry Lock?
Please contact one of our accredited Registrars listed on https://go.global/search/ for pricing and information.
My domain name provider does not seem to support Registry Lock. How can I enable it?
Only accredited Registry Lock Registrars are able to provide the Registry Lock service. You can request the Registry Lock service from your current Registrar, or you may have to transfer your domain name to a Registrar who supports Registry Lock.
What domain information is protected by Registry Lock?
The Registry Lock service will enable security for contact and host objects as registered on the Registry level. Any additional information maintained by the sponsoring registrar will not be protected for updates.
If I have Registry Lock, can I still delete my domain?
If you wish to delete your domain name, you will need to have Registry Lock removed before you will be able to delete the domain.
What is the authentication process to update my domain?
As the Registrant, you will need to contact your Registry Lock accredited Registrar in order to update or change your domain details. Only the authorised contact at the Registrar can contact the Registry using agreed credentials to request an update or change to the domain. These changes are then confirmed by a telephone call to the authorised contact before the changes are made.
How can I cancel my Registry Lock service?
You will need to contact your Registry Lock accredited Registrar to cancel the Registry Lock service.
How much do you charge for Registry Lock?
The retail price for Registry Lock is set by the Registrar or Reseller.