Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS) policy for .Global

Centralized Zone Data Service (CZDS)

The Centralized Zone Data Service provides a centralized point for interested parties to request access to Zone Files provided by participating Top Level Domain Registries.

Every new gTLD Registry is required to provide zone data to approved requesters (e.g. law enforcement agents, IP attorneys, researchers) upon technical delegation of its gTLD.

The CZDS is maintained by ICANN.

Reference to the Registry Agreement

Access to the .GLOBAL zone files is with reference to the Registry Agreement between ICANN and Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry Limited, dated April 17 2014, Specification 4.

Submitting a request for zone file access

All requests to access the zone file for the TLD must be submitted by the user through ICANN’s Centralized Zone Data Service found at the following link https://czds.icann.org.

Credentialing requirements and agreement

Access to zone file data for the TLD may be available to users subject to verification of a user’s credentials and agreement by the user that the data will only be used for lawful purposes. In order to grant access to the zone file for the TLD, Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry Limited will request through the Centralized Zone Data Service, that each user provides the reason for which they seek access and information sufficient to correctly identify and locate the user.

A user will be required to enter into an agreement that will govern the access to our zone file data and its use. The agreement will be standardised, facilitated and administered by the Centralised Zone Data Access Provider. A user’s access to the zone file data is always subject to the requirements of ICANN.

Grant and revocation of access

ICANN may reject the request for access to the Centralized Zone Data Service of any user that does not satisfy the credentialing requirements. In addition Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry Limited may reject the request for access:

  • Of any user that does not provide correct or legitimate credentials; or
  • Where we reasonably believe or indications that the user will use the data in a manner that contravenes this policy.

Where approved, the user will be granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access our zone file data. Such access will be facilitated by the Centralised Zone Data Service.

Dot GLOBAL Domain Registry Limited may, at any time, revoke access of any user where we have evidence to support that the user’s use of the data contravenes this policy or any other policy issued by us, or where we are instructed to do so by ICANN.

Use of data

We will permit the user to use the zone file data for lawful purposes, provided that:

  • The user takes all reasonable steps to protect against unauthorised access to, and use and disclosure of the zone file data; and
  • Under no circumstances, the user uses the zone file data to:
    • Allow, enable or otherwise support the transmission by email, telephone or facsimile, mass unsolicited commercial advertising, or solicitations to entities other than the users’ own existing customers; or
    • Enable high volume, automated, electronic processes that send queries or data to our systems, or that of any Registrar.

Term of use

When approved, a user will be provided access to the zone file for a period of minimum 3 months (90 days) and maximum 1 year (365 days).

We will allow users to renew their grant of access.


Please allow 30 calendar days for the Registry to approve requests to access the .GLOBAL CZDS.