.GLOBAL for Brands
.GLOBAL is an opportunity to get the perfect multi-national domain name. A clearly defined name path for all brands who wish to demonstrate their global presence, or promote global services and products. Most brands already call their website “global” when communicating with their audience. .GLOBAL enables and encourages brands to be innovative and creative; to think bigger, to think globally – if not today then prepare for tomorrow.
.GLOBAL for Generic Names
.global domains are descriptive and create great keyword-rich web addresses, something that has made .global the third best-selling new top-level domain for premium names. Claim a slice of an industry’s online space, attract additional internet traffic, be SEO-strategic, invest, create campaign sites or target a new market segment – it can all be done with generic .global domain names.
.GLOBAL for Communities.
With a .GLOBAL domain, you are creating global communities comprised of multi-national audiences who all have the same ambition – to be global. Ideal for creating new communities, or indeed for existing thriving communities.
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